A Few of Steve’s (American Dad) Greatest Hits…. Happy Monday

There was a time when I didn’t think too much of American Dad. On Sunday Nights, Matt Groening’s 20-plus year and still running Simpson’s and Seth Mcfarlane’s wildly popular Family Guy were the premier shows and American Dad, while it had it’s moments, really didn’t spark my interest in the beginning. As a spoof of a right wing conservative All-American government stooge raising a family of scattered personalities, I felt like I’d had seen it all of the antics and gags before in other programs but as it grew over time (the same formula that Family Guy followed), it became better.

Steve is my favorite character on the show. As the program grew throughout its seasons, Steve’s character has developed into an independent personality with his own style and quirks. As nerdy as he may appear, he has what the kids in early 2010’s refer to as “swag”. When he sings, he can actually let loose and I actually had to do a bit of “googling” to read about the voice behind it all, Actor Scott Grimes. I’ve seen Scott on everything from NCIS to ER and I had no idea that he could get down musically. I went through other clips of Steve performing his best R&B moments and I hope that you find them as cool as I did. Enjoy. (And if you don’t… you were born without a soul…)

Bonus: You Get The Rod!

I replayed the video for Krampus “You Get The Rod” with the old James Brown funk vibe over and over again. Quick Lesson: In German Folklore, Krampus was the antithesis of Saint Nicholas. Whereas Saint Nicholas would reward good children during Christmas, Krampus would punish those that misbehaved. It’s like the Christian God/Devil good vs evil theme but with candy canes, tinsel and Christmas trees. Danny Glover voiced the speaking parts of Krampus in this episode, while soul singer Charles Bradley took over the helm of vocals.

BTW… “You Get The Rod” is what I’m telling every girl that I date from here on in!


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