The God Speaks… I Got The Juice!


The past few months have been pretty groovy by my standards. It’s been a month since I’ve moved into my apartment and I’ve adjusted without any problems. I even had my best friend from college crash at my spot for a week (Waddup Chris!). I’m waiting on a few lady friends of mine to come through and decorate but I have a few photos from my archives that I need to blow up and frame to place on the blank spaces on my wall. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE COOL!

I had Final Cut Pro X training classes this week and the ideas that I had for the work that I planned to do started to formulate like crazy. I’m student to the game and learning new things keeps me young and my mind fresh. Documentaries, Art Galleries, Photo Books, magazines like Frank151, websites like LastNightsParty etc., keep me informed and inspire me to make SOMETHING. Make what? I really don’t know and I never do until the magic starts to stir in my head and then I just go from there. Once I get back into photography again, I’ll be more adept since I’ve been studying the works of other photographers and restoring my confidence in following my artistic path. Confidence…. that’s what the “Juice” is all about these days and I’m pressing for the very best as that’s what I’m capable of doing. Watch me work…

AND I dyed my hair last week too…. Never did it before but yo… I’m out here looking Godly.


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