Summer is Nigh… GAME TIME!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” is the signifier for the warmest season in Philly. Whenever you heard it on the radio, you knew that it was officially summertime in the city. And this time of year also happens to be a moment of change as I prepare to move into my apartment. This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time as I finally get to enjoy the warm weather in a place of my very own. I’m a thorough believer in having and being productive in your own space and I haven’t had that in such a long time if ever to be completely REAAAALLLLLL. I’m using these next few months to enjoy life the way I want to which is how it should be. Like it or not damn it, you will smell every bit of this cologne, you dig?

Also, summer is the time for the single guy i.e. ME to truly embrace his environment and possibly “buddy up” by the time Autumn arrives. There’s nothing wrong with having options these days, especially if you’re trying to find the RIGHT one or someone that comes the closest to what you’re looking for whether its for one night or for life. We are in the prime South-Street-Cat-Call-and-Objectify-The-Ladies climate and I better come correct as to not get lumped in with the cornballs and losers that are battery charged by loneliness and desperation. I mean yeah there are those cats that will holler at any kind of woman because… no standards but that’s not how THE GOD is getting his in the new era.. Styling and profiling… Maxing and relaxing… like the old heads used to say.

There are parts of Northern Liberties, University City, and Center City all waiting for me to paint my name in bright red all across their neighborhoods and it’s going to be a JOY and if I can snag another tattoo I’d be far from upset at life. In two weeks, Odunde will pop off on South Street and my presence is LONG, LONG OVERDUE.

Catch me if you can…


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