Thoughts: Feeling Good…


Just a typical Thursday morning… writing from work while vibing out to Roy Ayers to keep my spirits above the clouds. I’ve had a few thoughts over the past couple days about moving into my new apartment and all of the things that I used to be such a fan of but no longer finding any enjoyment in and I guess this is the wave of maturity that one falls into as age comes into play. I felt that my growth was stunted during my 20’s and student loans had much to do with pausing my movements but like they say things happen when they are supposed to happen and you can’t place the workings of the universe on your schedule. Like my main man King Britt told me a few nights ago while discussing life, “Just Go With It”.

If you are in the know with Hip-Hop news then you may be aware of the death of Coke Boy/Riot Squad rapper Chinx. I knew who he was (Stack Bundles used to shout him out all the time) but I never listened to his music until this week. “Dope House” featuring Jadakiss from his latest mixtape Cocaine Riot 5 is pretty good from a “head nod” perspective but lyrically its nothing that I could rally behind. Like I’ll still listen to 50 Cent no matter what (hypocritical I know) but purely from an entertainment factor and I respect his hustle but in terms of that kind of rap where its over the top “thugged out” and every f*cking rapper is a bigger coke kingpin than Scarface ever was with tons of goons and shooters, what am I supposed to do with that? How can I, the fun loving, video game playing, comic book reading, sexually insatiable, stylish nerd still listen to music thats not even close to my lifestyle. The “gangsta rap” nowadays isn’t as clever or as cool (damn near a parody of its former self) as it was for me coming up and now that I think about it… Was it EVER for me? I lived in the hood but I was far from a “street dude” but being thuggish for the sake of appearances was all the rave amongst my peers. How naive were we? Not only to try and emulate but we were so far removed from but to not understand the power of words in the music we listened to. What we speak about and what we surround ourselves with draw a specific type of energy towards us. That old saying “You are what you eat” can also work as “You are what you speak” which is why I TRY (ugh!) to be kind all of the time but sometimes people test my tolerance level and I have to get gully for the “99-2000s”.

Life is short and there’s no need to be a complete dick about things and make it shorter. Be positive and think positively…


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