Eat The Booty Like Groceries?!

I was only a spectator before the Summer of 2012. Though I watched porn at a very very early age, it wasn’t until my teenage era that I started to see the hardcore flicks. Back in the day, the Spice Channel (Channel 68 if you had Wade Cablevision) was the entry point into the rabbit hole but it never showed the “money shots” or any real penetration so I guess it spared me a bit as an 8 year old. Anyway, once I started to watch AssParade, 8th Street Latinas, MilfHunter, and other such quality adult series I started to learn a few things about technique especially in the oral area. Eating pussy is my thing and I’ve gotten many of my skills from girl on girl scenes. Women know women and understand each others bodies… it’s that simple. But as far as eating ass, there was time when I turned my nose up at the notion but that has since changed…

Just like Tyrone Magnus said in his video, I too associated ass eating aka “tossing salad” with that HBO Prison special (“syrup” and “jelly” still gives me nightmares) and therefore it never got a second thought until I got older and I started to become more and more uninhibited with what I chose to do with women behind closed doors. I really got into my bag with an ex girlfriend (first time I ever had sex without a condom was with her and that was well into my 20s.) I had this urge to eat ass and she was down for it and her physical response afterward was more than I ever expected. She went wild! So wild in fact that she almost kicked me in the face. That was the first and last time that I did that but I think it’s time to bring that old thing back into the mix…

As of late, I’ve been talking to a woman about a few things related to sex. Mentioning likes and dislikes… I told her that I would definitely be down for the get down in terms of oral sex and all that comes with it and she asked me if I was down with getting my ass licked and YO I said HELL NO! She tried to hit me with the “Getting your ass ate by a woman doesn’t make you gay” line and though that may be true, “Homie don’t play that!” I know friends of mine that have had that experience (One of my homies got wild with a European girl one night and she did the deed…) but I can’t see myself allowing that kind of love. I’m open minded but I have my red lights.

I’m a dirty, dirty man… Bless Me… And if the ass is right my face is there every night LOL!


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