Summer 2015… WADDUP!!!

It’s been a minute since my last entry and well… I credit that to adjusting to life with a full time job but it’s all been worth it. Finally moving into my own apartment despite earlier attempts being thwarted by student loans (Sallie Mae.. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!) but hey things happen when they are supposed to happen and June 2015 is the time for it. This “move” has been in the books for a very long time and I’ve done my fair share of scheming and plotting. Happy to finally have the space to write, create, and to uh “put it down” if you catch my drift. Shit, let’s not be coy about this, the buns are calling and the God can finally pick up the phone … “HEEEELLLLOOOO NURSE!” Also, for the record… I’m out here… single as hell until somebody catches me slipping but as of right now… Summertime has me feeling me jiggy as Hov in ’97.  Also… I may start to drop Vlogs this summer AND I’m still on the hunt for Lil Debbie’s fine ass…. BELIEVE IT! AAAND (Spoiler Alert!) I saw The Avengers: Age Of Ultron last week and it was pretty cool but not cooler than the first though the Iron Man vs The Hulk fight was pretty sick and the introduction of The Vision (played by Paul Bettany) stole the show.. How they did my main man Quicksilver still hurts… WHYYYY!!!!!


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