Latest Tattoo: The God


As of late, I’ve been on a journey of self realization and just truly living out the life that I want. I’m into making statements and my latest “The God” tattoo is an all out testament to that. First, let me start off by saying that this is by no means blasphemous. So JESUS FREAKS please chill as I break it all down. If you’re up on Hip-Hop namely Rakim and Wu-Tang Clan then you may be aware of the usage of “The God” which comes from the 5 percenter sect of Islam. I claim no religious denomination but I love Rakim and the Wu so I adopted their slang years ago and calling myself “The God” began as an inside joke amongst my peers but when I began to think of what a God does and is capable of as a creator, I chose to use that title seriously. I see myself as the “supreme being” in my own world and I have the ability to create greatness as well all are. We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own way. We just have to truly see ourselves as divine creators as we can forge our own paths in this crazy, crazy world. So yeah… that’s the story.


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