Throwback Thursday: Terence Trent D’Arby “Holding On To You” (Live)

“You can’t correctly love someone unless you love yourself”

I’ve been on a Terence Trent D’Arby trip this week. I bought two copies of his debut album, Introducing The Hardline According to… on vinyl (one printed in North America and the other in Holland) and “Sign Your Name” brings back memories of the 80s. I remember when my mom went and bought this album from Spruce Street Records on 40th Street. While searching for the “Sign Your Name” video I stumbled across this live performance and it struck me. It hit me right in the middle of chest like a sledge hammer… knocking the wind and sense out of me while listening and that’s why I’m so very grateful for good music. Soul music… the vocals are so raw and filled with emotion. While listening to the lyrics, I felt a connection to similar situations that I’ve gone through in the past few years and it still stings at times but in a good way… If you dig this, go and find his 1995 album, Vibrator.


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