Vinyl Athletics: Jeedo “Filth EP”

One of my prized possessions came in the mail the other day and I haven’t even played it yet. In fact, I may put it in a glass case and stare in awe at it for the rest of my life. Waajeed AKA Jeedo released the awesomely titled “Filth EP” in 2012 and trust me if I had really been on my record collector “steez” then, I’d have had a FEW COPIES of this in the collection. The A-side features “Make It Boom”, which flips Art Of Noise’s classic track “Moments In Love” but adds that Detroit electric treatment. I can definitely see K. Michelle bouncing that beautiful ass to this. I actually wish that I could here for joints like this in Strip clubs. The B-Side features “Let It All Hang Out” which samples one of my favorite Queen jams “Fat Bottom Girls” but freaks it out. Check out the very dope and well edited visuals below that compliments the Filth EP perfectly.


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