Today marks the 50th anniversary of Malcolm’s Assassination. I, like many of those in my generation were made aware of his life and philosophies via Civil Rights documentaries like Eyes on the Prize, his autobiography co-written by Alex Haley, and/or the Spike Lee directed biopic that starred Denzel Washington. There was a point where I’d see everyone with a X t-shirt or X hat while his phrase “By Any Means Necessary” became our tagline. I always found his transformation from Detroit Red to the Malik Shabazz that we all revered to be fascinating… Being a young fiery minister with the Nation of Islam that believed in fighting back at all costs to being changed in spirit after a pilgrimage to Mecca added to his social awareness and made his message much more potent. “The Ballot or The Bullet” is one of my FAVORITE speeches and if you listen closely to what’s been spoken about here, you’ll notice that A LOT still applies greatly in 2015. Understanding the power of the black dollar, empowering our communities, as well as discrepancies that we face in the political arena. This is seriously worth the listen.

P.S. After listening, it appears that Malcolm was not fond of “We Shall Overcome” HA!


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