Kanye, Beck and Respecting “Artistry”


For a guy that didn’t watch the Grammys last night, I found myself pleased with majority of last night’s winners. Jazz legend Wayne Shorter won a Lifetime achievement award, Kendrick Lamar won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, Eminem won Best Rap Album, and Beck won Album of the Year for Morning Phase. But of course, at the Grammy Awards, there was a bit of commotion once Kanye ran up on stage while Beck accepted the award but luckily his judgment got the better of him and he came to his senses. The funniest part about it all was the look of despair of Jay-Z’s face as Kanye took the stage. We didn’t need another Taylor Swift moment to unravel before our eyes in 2015.

We all know that Kanye is an emotional artist that tirelessly sacrifices himself to his craft but damn other artists do too and deserve their moments. To say that Beck, who’s a music GOD for over 20 years needs to “respect artistry” and “should’ve given his award to Beyonce” is pretentious. I’ll keep it a buck, Beck’s Morning Phase does more for me than Beyonce’s album. I will give props where they are due and say that how Beyonce released her album was slick (dropped unexpectedly like bird sh*t word to B.I.G.) but to discredit Beck during his time of glory was uncalled for. With the Taylor Swift debacle, though at first I was in full support of that move, now in hindsight THAT was a bad call because it interrupted her moment and in return it stung his public image for hot second. People say “Oh that makes Kanye real” … listen you can be still be “real” and handle yourself better especially during an award show. What does Hannibal Buress say? Oh yeah “Act like you’ve been somewhere before!”


This morning while preparing for the day, I came across Beck’s response here on FACT. This was the best way to handle a situation like that, with class and maturity. There would be some people out there that would be LIVID if Kanye tried to pull that shit on them (50 Cent once said that Kanye WOULD NOT try that with him and I believe it) but fortunately for us all Beck is as cool as the other side of the pillow AND AND AND he plays like a million instruments. I rather Kanye do what he does best creatively and let these other artists LIVE.


P.S. I actually listened to Morning Phase as I wrote this.



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