Instax Pastlife: Mad Decent Block Party 2011


I’m not one for the cold weather … AT ALL especially when it keeps me from enjoying the outside world. I’m scheming on the Summer with a vengeance. By that time, I’ll have a better step in the right direction but enough of that, while we are all facing the frost, I’d like to share a moment when it muggy and sunny out but the vibe was super live. The 2011 Mad Decent Block Party had water guns, wild music, fly women, and most of all great weather. The last MDBP that I hit in 2012 was OK but the best one that I can remember had to be when the actual party on a block back in 2010. Almost 5 years ago… sheesh…

6019628577_0841f3cfa2_o 6020131338_68beb62283_o 6020146262_6197764048_o 6020162688_670bf5f790_b 6020204318_544b5c7bfd_o


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