One Shot: DJ Jazzy Jeff and I (2006)


Happy Belated to one of the pioneering DJs, DJ Jazzy Jeff! It took me a while to find this picture which was taken in the summer of 2006 after he spun at Fluid Night club which is now nothing but a memory. Whether you know him from his early days killing as a DJ in Philly, as 1/2 of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince and/or his solo albums and touring, then you know how important he is to the culture and what he means to the Hip-Hop and music as a whole. I could go on and on about how his “Touch of Jazz” track is one of the coldest DJ joints or how his version of the “transformer” scratch changed the style up and father generations of DJs. One of my favorite Jazzy Jeff moments had to be the JMJ tribute at the BET Awards and in my opinion, he had the best set out of him, DJ Premier, Grandmaster Flash and Kid Capri.


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