“Plans To Get Richer…”

Everyday I look in the mirror and feel like the coolest dude in the city that nobody knows about. If you take this as arrogance then yo… by all means ride that wave because there’s nothing that I can do to switch your view and that’s fine with me. 2015 is a year of fresh starts and such. I wrote a short film for the homie Hezekiah’s album Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves (I’m even on the albums outro) and oversee/edit my other homie Skeme Richards (aka Obi Wan Kenobi) site Hot Peas and Butta every week. Look, I’ve put in work, had a few setbacks but I refused to lay down and fade to black word to Hov. See it took me a while to develop knowledge of self especially since I had to learn the shit all on my own. I had to learn about fake friends, wack females, and other of life’s bullshit through my own personal experiences so it is what it is. People can’t approach me with the same trash that they used to come at me with years ago. Like Pharrell said on Hot Damn (and Cot Damn) “Hot Damn! It’s a new day!” and I’m not playing. But dig this though… I’m slowly but surely building up to something spectacular as a side project (I KNOW MUSIC… BETTER THAN SOME OF THESE DJS OUT HERE) that will allow me to express life long dreams and all of that groovy stuff. I bubble over the long term… I flipped with photography, videography, poetry etc etc but I did it my way but I’m still refining my skills … Wait till you see how it all goes down.



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