2015’s Man Of The Year…

Stranger than fiction… The new year is right around the corner and although there’s a few weeks left, I’m diligently planning out 2015. It’s going to be about progress and continuing a renewed focus that I began to have after my 30th birthday. Most of all, no limitations on the strategies that I have, places that I’d like to go and most of all the fuckery that I want to dive headfirst into… I can and will do it all. Dig this… There’s nothing wrong with saying that the new year will be YOUR year if you work toward making it count. I’m a huge proponent of speaking things into existence and not being ashamed of asking for what you want in life. The universe works in mysterious ways but once you understand that you control the pieces on the board, it becomes that much easier to function. The best advice that I could give to anyone would be this simple phrase: “The worst is over and the best is yet to come” and that’s ONLY if you believe and work toward the goals that you are setting. NEVER BACK DOWN!!!

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