Still Classic: Be Kanye Commercial (Absolut Vodka)

“That was awesome” – Kanye West

Look, in 2007/2008 I wanted to be Kanye West. We all wanted to be Kanye West. He dropped that gem of an album with Graduation and that Glow In The Dark Tour was LEGENDARY and I’m still salty that I missed it. I really related to the music and the artistry and in fact, his KanyeUniversecity blog is still the GOAT and it inspired me to come back into the blogging game. People have their opinions of him now and it’s either you love him or hate him but shit, you have to respect the hustle. Many of us tend to sleep on how creatively dope he is and this hilarious Be Kanye Commercial (Absolut Vodka) is a personal reminder.  Trust if it was that easy to take tablets to become Kanye West, so many of these talentless goofs would overdose. 



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