What I Learned from “The Mack”

The Mack.avi_snapshot_01.04.31_[2011.07.29_14.05.59]

I only watched 1973’s The Mack once on Youtube and unlike the rest of world that may have been awed by it BUT there was something that I learned which should be taught to every young man before he starts dating: The Art of Choosing and being Chose. It’s an important concept to grasp although I never appreciated the whole pimp aesthetic: permed hair, long nails, having a bevy of “hoes” at their beckon call, though I was a fan of the long funky cadillacs or impalas. Where I grew up, pimping was glorified in Hip-Hop and that one episode of Martin where Jerome competed in the Player’s Ball but after watching The Mack, I think every rapper in the game took a cue from that film. Even Jay-Z referred to himself as Goldie (Max Julien’s character) in “Cashmere Thoughts” on his debut album Reasonable Doubt.

So back to the theory of choosing and/or being chose. In The Mack, the “Ho” in question chose which “Pimp” that she wanted to work for and sometimes one “Pimp’s” “ho” would want to be under the employ of another “Pimp” and this action is referred to as “choosing”. Now there’s a scene in which a rival “gentleman of leisure” gets pissed at Goldie because one of his trusted workers of the “ho” persuasion chose him.

“Your b*tch just chose me” – Goldie

Now let’s apply it to the dating game. First, I’d like to say that I’d never address a woman as a “bitch” or “ho” and I only used this scene as an instrument that illustrates my point. See, in dating we are often in hot pursuit of the woman that we want and sometimes we may not always get their attention and that’s okay, even if it hurts your pride, it’s alright. Move on. I guess some forget that women are independent and will do as they please and we can’t dictate their movement. With that said, DONT HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME. Don’t be that jealous guy (especially that greasy funky ass ex boyfriend) that’s super upset at the fact that your former flame has switched lanes with someone else with a deep voice. Also, never be the type to talk down on another man to a woman just to falsely present yourself as the top choice, that’s whack and karma usually comes back ten fold. People are going to do what they do and that’s make choices and if you aren’t that choice, you can either (a) be a dirty skid marked underwear wearing hater OR (b) you can accept it as a common occurrence in nature and find someone that you’ll connect with.



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