Prelude to a Confession: J. Cole “Runaway” (Verse 1)

I wanted to post this verse with my blog that would be written for tomorrow (now today) but I needed the entire verse to be shared to give weight to my story. As much as I crack jokes about J. Cole, I can’t deny how piercing the first verse of “Runaway” was and how much it hurt having to hear this during the time that I felt so embroiled in my own inner turmoil. It was cathartic to say the least…

Verse 1

“Yeah, give me my space, Lord ain’t enough time to chase
All these dreams, I mean I got no time to wait
Love my girl but I told her straight up “don’t wait up”
Stumble home late, I’m drunk, we fucked then made up
Used to living free as a bird, but now I’m laid up
Feeling like a nigga got handcuffs on
How the fuck did my life become a damn love song?
She ride for a nigga and she stand up for him
But a nigga wanna be a nigga, be a nigga
Ride through the streets with freaks and real niggas
She never understand what it’s like to be a man
Knowing when you look inside yourself you see a nigga
And you don’t wanna let her down but you too young for the settle down
And maybe you can thug it out, learn what is love about
When you can’t live with her and you can’t live without
Oh shit, goddamn, I think the devil got his hands on me
Stripper saying: “Baby, won’t you throw them bands on me?”
And I came to spend
She pop a molly let the motherfucking games begin
I’m running…” J.Cole

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