“Never Mind Who You Thought I Was…”

2004 BET Awards. Rick James and Teena Marie came onstage and performed a duet together and it was a pleasant surprise to everyone in the building (well those old enough to remember when Rick and Teena were at the top of their game) but what set the tone for the rest of the night would come at the end of their performance. According to Rick, a young lady backstage might’ve confused him with someone else or something bizarre but he quickly let the world know that he was who he was and there was no debating it. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster… a gangster of confidence that is…

I really can’t recall the cause of why this “historical” moment in not giving a fuck stood out to me. I guess I was in a state of metamorphosis at that moment but it made sense to me. Like I really have to step out of that shell of being humble all the while being aware of humility. I’ve come to respect cockiness/arrogance when the work is there to support it. Jay-Z on his first few albums was hella cocky but he had the music and the hustle to substantiate ANY and ALL claims that he made. In this era, you have a generation of jackasses that want the fame and act as if they deserve EVERYTHING but their work is mediocre at best. And it’s not natural, you can see them projecting an image so grandiose and incredulous, that they are trying to believe it themselves. Same goes for these rappers, none of this shit is real. Insecure since the front door.

But back to me, I realize that I’m a bad man and I can be a lot badder if I put my mind to it. I believe in myself and I never needed anyone to co-sign my thoughts and/or creations. I run my world and it will never be vice versa. There was a time when I couldn’t live and I could never mention an accomplishment of mine or discuss something cool that I got without jealous suckers talking out of their ass saying that “I’m bragging” or “Don’t get gassed”. These were “friends” that would be that way and I used to play like a welcome and let these unworthy dirt boxes get over on me not realizing that my effortless swag intimidated so many of them. Don’t even get me started on the women that I dealt with and the ex-boyfriends that tried to get out of pocket because of envy.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve paid the cost to be the boss. Never hate on the next man or woman (especially ME) for getting theirs and living like the natural stars that they are. So like the late great Rick James said, “Never Mind Who You Thought I Was..” because it doesn’t matter as long as I know the deal, that’s all I need to survive. I’m not here to be a people pleaser because if they don’t dig the god for who he is then fuck ’em. Point Blank.


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