My Top 6 Dreamcast Games… EVER!!!

I’m a video game enthusiast but more so older systems than what’s out now. I don’t own an XBox One or PS4, and the latest piece of hardware that I have is an 8 year-old Nintendo Wii and that’s because I’m a die hard Nintendo head. My favorite system of all time has to be the Sega Dreamcast. As a console, it was truly ahead of it’s time and it had a wide range of enjoyable games for all ages. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites. Check it out.

1. Shenmue

Now dig this, Back in 1999 there was an Official Dreamcast Magazine that was released that featured watchable demos of launch games and other projects that were still in development. When I saw Shenmue, I knew that I had to have the system and this game by any means. Back then, graphics like this blew me away and since I was such a geek over Japanese culture and Shenmue having taken place there it was a win/win. I just wished that the Dreamcast didn’t become obsolete so that the sequel would’ve come out in the US.

2. Jet Grind Radio

Cel shading at its finest, a greatly diverse soundtrack and the inclusion of the core elements of Hip-Hop made this a really fun game. Unfortunately, I replayed it so many times that the disc stopped working. I know… I know… world’s smallest violin is playing.

3. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

If you love comic books and video games as much as I did and still do, you’ll understand why I had to add this to my collection. My cousin and I would go buck in Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the arcade on University of Penn’s campus during the summer of 2000 and he could never beat me. Not many can…

4. Crazy Taxi

If I could drive through San Francisco like this in real life, I’d be a vehicular terror but fortunately for those with sanity, Crazy Taxi kept all of those fiendish desires within the game.

5. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

I was raised on Street Fighter 2 so enough said! BTW Yun and Yang are some of the deadliest characters to use if you are well versed in their fighting styles.

6. Sonic Adventure 2

Never play this game drunk (well it might make it more interesting) or if you dislike roller coasters. Out of the 2 Sonic Adventures for the Dreamcast console, this was by far my favorite and it’s original soundtrack is one of the best in my opinion.

Honorable Mention:

Soul Calibur

I dare anybody to test me when I’m in control of Mitsurugi! ANYBODY!

Power Stone

Try me in this one and you will NOT last long.. same goes for the sequel.


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