Color Outside the Lines: A Tattoo Documentary (2012)

This is one of the best and freshest tattoo documentaries that I’ve seen so far. Color Outside the Lines discusses tattooing from the standpoint of black tattoo artists and tells individual stories of creativity, inspiration, and how many of these artists, including the film’s producer Miya Bailey (a world famous tattoo artist) got started in the business. Check out the synopsis below:

Struggle, Joy, Failure, Success; words like these could serve as the backdrop for the next big hollywood blockbuster, or as a description of a tattoo artists life. Color Outside the Lines is the first film that provides a deep look into the history, culture and lives of the world’s top black tattoo artists. Creating a film that would accurately tell the stories of these amazing artists, was initially a dream that manifested into a reality when world renowned tattoo artist, Miya Bailey linked with burgeoning filmmaker Artemus Jenkins. After three years of filming and tattooing everywhere from Atlanta to Amsterdam, this film is here to make sure the story and legacies of these artists will live on forever.


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