New Tattoo: Epa!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

“…and another one”-Biggie

Peace to Everlasting Art Tattoo in University City for the quality work. After I received my XXX tattoo on my right trapezius muscle, I had to have something on my left. I am a man of symmetry and with tattoos, I have to have an even distribution. I became interested in Adinkra symbols during a trip to University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. I walked around through different exhibits but nothing really caught my eye until I wandered into the West African section. I found symbols that represented powerful qualities (my first two adinkra tattoos symbolize power AND greatness) and I didn’t want Chinese and/or Japanese characters as tattoos especially since I’m not of that culture. I feel like those tattoos are overdone and I’m rocking with trends when it comes down to what I permanently etch on my skin. I needed something that resonated with my heritage; Adinkra signs connect me with a source that I’m detached from. Plus, they look great on me.

The tattoo’s name is EPA, a symbol of law and justice, slavery and captivity.

Adolph Agbo, in “Values of Adinkra Symbols” notes that handcuffs were introduced in Africa as a result of the slave trade, and later became popular among chiefs in cuffing offenders of the law. “The symbol reminds offenders of the uncompromising nature of the law. It however discourages all forms of slavery.”


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