Do What You Like!

Just Do It! Go Ahead… Do It! You know you want to and you know that it will bring you into a state of constant euphoria. Don’t be scared… I promise it won’t bite and if it does, you’ll get used to it over time. In a world built on mundane normalcy, where the propaganda of “fitting in” forces the free spirit into hiding, it’s quite the feat to be who you are by chasing the passions that disturbs your sleep because it won’t cease sending signals throughout your overactive brain. You could always IGNORE it and try to get a good night’s rest or, this might sound completely fanatical, open your mind and do what you’ve always dreamed of attaining. It’s that simple.

Before this gets out of hand, I’m still in the beginning stages myself. I took a dive into doing something out of left field in 2008 when I started a music blog that lasted for a while but I wasn’t able to post as frequently as I wanted to so transitioned into photography and that opened up worlds for me. I quit the job that I hated (although it wasn’t the best thing to do financially) but having the free time allowed me to do so much with my cameras and my portfolio benefited greatly from those random and often draining adventures. Being published in various magazines, meeting musicians that I thought I’d only see on TV or the net, etc. Taking the risk made it all worth while.

I’ve been independent since my earliest of childhood memories. At times I’ve been too impulsive with my decisions but fuck it, you live and you learn. Doing what you like and/or love is a healthy and productive method of self expression. Weight lifting, exotic dancing, rapping, farming, getting tattoos, getting high as kite (okay maybe that’s going a bit too far) etc but you catch my drift. Whatever it is that you like to do or whatever it is that motivates you in a positive way or helps others should be done without a second thought. Life is fucking short and as cliche as that statement is, it’s still VERY TRUE. So why not have the time of your life doing the things that you like. And don’t let age be a detractor in the pursuit of your dreams, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, there are endless opportunities out there for all of us.



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