What A Day: Locust Moon Comics Festival Recap

Locust Moon Comics Festival
Chris Stevens, Paul Pope, JG Jones, and Bill Sienkiewicz

Locust Moon Festival 2014 was a really cool event. I had never attended a comic book festival before and I’ve always wanted to check out the Comic Con events but there were always unforeseen problems that kept me from making those trips. The festival was held in the Rotunda on 40th and Walnut while panel discussions were held inside of the actual Locust Moon store near 40th and Market. I met and talked to a few artists such as Skuds McKinley, Jeff Kilpatrick, Creators of “Bxtch Slap”, Rog Peterson and Jamar Nicholas. There’s was so much talent in the building and so many narratives shared by all of these unique artists. I bought a few comics and I’m looking forward to reading them throughout the upcoming week. (Editor’s Note: I left mid festival to hit Brave New Worlds to purchase a hardback copy of Wes Craig’s Black Hand Comics).

I missed most of panels at the comic shop but I made sure that I was in attendance for the Masters At Work discussion hosted by Locust Moon’s own Chris Stevens that featured the gods Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, and J.G. Jones. Each offered an interesting perspective into their creative process, inspirations and there distinctive approaches to their craft. The illest part of it all had to be having Paul Pope signing EACH of his books for me and it’s really funny because it was just about one month ago when I was introduced to his work at Brave New Worlds by my buddy Brian. I snapped this cool Polaroid shot of the artists and Chris before I left.

Next year, I’m definitely bring more cash to go crazy with.


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