Word To The Curves: Thank You

© King Red Rose
© King Red Rose

I’m sure if there was some kind of law against it, I’d be guilty as charged. No chance of appeal; I’d be a proud recidivist. The crime that I am speaking of is the admiration of the “fat bottom” or the “booty”. For me, it represents a portion of a woman’s power. The “booty” commands. It’s presence in any room or open space will shut down even the most serious of conversations (well it has for me) without exerting any effort whatsoever. The magic of women’s curves has enamored the greatest artistic minds throughout history and continues to do so. With it’s recent acceptance in the mainstream (according to Vogue, we are now in the era of the Big Booty) one would like to think that it’s something new but it was always a marvel. it was always there. The “Big Booty” was/is an attribute that makes those who are fortunate enough to have one, phenomenal women.

Growing up in a predominately black neighborhood, “fat bottom girls” ran the world because that’s what was seen. It wasn’t fetishized or viewed as anything other than the norm. The earliest memory that I have of big butts receiving recognition came in the form of E.U.’s 1988 go-go jam “Da Butt” from Spike Lee’s School Daze soundtrack. According to E.U., everybody had a “big ol’ butt” but again, in my part of town, who didn’t? As I grew, I started to see videos like Wreckx N Effect’s “Rumpshaker” and that began the journey of understanding the force that comes with having junk in the trunk. It was a big deal in the world of hip-hop but seemed to be taboo in mainstream pop culture. In our world, publications such as Vogue, People and Elle never had much weight in the physical appearance of the women that I knew; it wasn’t their thing.

It wasn’t until Jennifer Lopez’s career started to gain traction in the late 90s, that I could remember hearing people say that so and so had a “J.Lo Booty” but again, I’ve known women to have asses way before her but they tried to make her the Jackie Robinson of that backside movement. Once I entered my junior and senior year “fatties”, “bubbles”, “onions”, and the hood classic “badonkadonk” (I still scratch my head about that one) were all used as this new vernacular dedicated to the Culo (ass in spanish). Also, during that time period, my cousin and I were posted on Philly’s now defunct South Street, scheming on Puerto Rican girls because of their excellence in all things posterior. Bell Biv Devoe told us not to “trust a big butt and smile” but as horny teenagers (and now close to 30 year olds) we really took our chances despite their advice.

In 2014, the world is annoyingly obsessed with the Kardashians. Kim’s ass is a Beautifully Dark Twisted Fantasy that I’ve seen posted and reblogged all over social media. Thought it’s quite shapely and delectable, I don’t see the reason for making it such a big deal. Same goes for Iggy Azalea but I think that since these women reflect more of a “European” aesthetic, having an ass is now becoming widely accepted. But to be quite honest that’s all bullshit. That’s why I’m so adamant about women loving themselves for who they are instead trying to live up to these standards of beauty enforced by those lacking of flavor. As a man, I appreciate and admire a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin, shape etc. There are so many kinds of beauty that it’s impossible for a group of self-appointed lords of what’s hot and what’s not to tell anyone who they can and can’t be. If you got it, then by all means be proud of it.

Special thanks to Loretta Vendetta for posing in the above photo…


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